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Why Freelance Writers Should Use Grammarly: The Best Tool for Proofreading Your Writing

Grammarly is more than just a tool to correct spelling and grammar mistakes. If you use all of its features, it can help you improve your writing style in a matter of days. Grammarly clearly explains why their suggested edits make sense, which helps you improve your writing skills. It also compiles statistics on your writing to help you identify strengths and weaknesses. 

Use Grammarly to Correct Errors

Of course, one of the essential uses of Grammarly for Word or the Grammarly extension is to find and correct common errors. These may be typos, spelling errors or grammar mistakes. However, Grammarly goes beyond embedded spelling and grammar checkers by explaining why your version might be incorrect and why they're suggesting edits. 

As you type, a red line appears underneath glaring errors. You can hover your mouse over the word or phrase in question and see why the program suggests changes. This visual allows you to correct any blatant mistakes as you write, and it allows you to learn why your version is incorrect and another is better.

Write More Concisely with Grammarly

Unlike many other grammar and spelling applications, Grammarly also helps you write more concisely, getting your point across faster. In business and marketing, that's one of the most critical writing skills. Grammarly's algorithm highlights extraneous words and phrases and suggests changes to help your writing flow.

It will often suggest rearranging sentences or deleting unnecessary content to help you get your point across faster and more clearly. Your audience will understand your objectives and point of view quicker without wading through long paragraphs. When others understand you better, they're more likely to be swayed or amenable to your position.

One of the best aspects of Grammarly is that you can use it on most platforms to improve your writing. These platforms include emails, word processing and productivity programs like MS Word and Google Docs, and host sites like WordPress. If you install the Grammarly Chrome extension for Google Chrome, it will automatically check your writing almost anywhere you type.

Work Efficiently with Grammarly

Grammarly is more than just a tool to correct mistakes; it also helps you learn. When you edit your documents with Grammarly, pay attention to their explanations for suggested changes. They offer tiny lessons in grammar and writing that you can carry with you to improve your writing overall.

The more you use Grammarly, the more you'll learn about proper grammar, syntax, and efficient, concise writing. That will save you time in the end. Grammarly also has tools that allow you to track your progress in real-time. It compiles statistics about the errors it corrects in your writing, which lets you see where you're improving. 

You can also see areas where you need to work. For example, you may struggle with using the passive voice or sentence structure. If you know that Grammarly is frequently catching these mistakes in your writing, you can be more aware of them and work on improving them. Over time, your writing will improve even when you can't use Grammarly. You'll save time proofreading your documents, emails and any other writing tasks you might have to do.  

Give It a Try with a Grammarly Free Trial

Grammarly offers a free trial of its paid services so that you can explore its features risk-free. There is also Grammarly's free version, which offers limited access to its services. Grammarly offers plans for students, individuals and businesses, allowing multiple users on various devices. Visit the Grammarly login page to start your free trial and explore subscription plans. 

Please note that this is an affiliate link. We only recommend products that we absolutely love (we use Grammarly ourselves and love it!), but we will earn a commission if you choose to use our affiliate link to purchase your subscription.

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