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Benefits of Being a Freelance Writer

Benefits of Being a Freelance Writer

The most obvious benefits of freelance writing include not having to commute to work – and, being able to work in your pajamas. There are many other reasons to be a freelance writer besides comfy clothing though, especially in today’s digital marketing world. According to Ottawalife, today’s technologies present more options for freelance work than ever before, bringing with them better opportunities to earn more money on your own time.

Reasons to Be a Freelance Writer

Not everyone can write well, but those who are good at it might be in a position to enjoy the benefits of freelance writing. Aside from being able to work remotely and only having to dress professionally for virtual meetings (waist-up only; sweatpants can’t be seen!), the other reasons to be a freelance writer include more freedom, flexibility and independence. These are very important for living a happier life, and can be well within your reach.

The Quiet Type puts it more succinctly; freelance writers can pretty much work from anywhere that has an internet connection and a computer. You can’t write in length on cell phones or tablets, so you would need a laptop at the minimum. This is a negligible investment, and you probably have a computer and Wi-Fi already. Think about it; no more commuting to an office, and you can combine your love of traveling with working.

Another significant benefit of being a freelance writer is that unlike other professions, it is pandemic-proof. The Freelance Writers Club points out that remote writers have to be in physical contact with other people, and if places of business close down, the internet does not. There will always be a need for online content, unless at some point, people can communicate through telepathy!

Being Your Own Boss

One of the other benefits of freelance writing is being your own boss, which goes a long way towards work/life balance. Crowd Content shares a post from a freelancer who can arrange her work schedule around enjoyable pursuits like shopping and hiking. On a weekday afternoon, she might do either and then complete her assignments later in the day. Freelance writing also allows parents to spend time with their children when needed, and work around that as well.

Being your own boss also means that you will be able to pick and choose your clients once you are successful. Instead of having to plow through a pile of work that you dread doing, you might get to the point where you only write about topics that you love. Of course it takes a lot of time and effort to get here, and you may have to write about things you don’t like as you make your way down this path.

Freelance writers also have the flexibility to turn down work when they are unable to fit it into their schedules, or if they want to take a break, need sick time or a well-deserved vacation. Just as importantly, they can search for and accept extra work to make more money for the holidays, vacations and other expenses. Freelancers do not receive paid time off from customers, but they can work extra hours before and afterward to make up the pay.

Variety is the Spice of Life

While many freelance writers specialize in one industry, this rule is far from being set in stone. Once you develop your writing skills, you may find that you are good at writing about different kinds of topics. You might enjoy composing articles about the latest tech innovations and still be able to compose DIY articles about using power tools. Or, you could be great at describing fashion trends and writing about celebrity news, while still being able to write blogs about healthcare.

Here is a piece of advice about that, though: When searching for new clients, tailor your resume and writing portfolio appropriately. A healthcare marketing company that is hiring freelance writers might not be too impressed by your experience tweeting about celebrities, for example. One of the best reasons to be a freelance writer is being able to write – and get paid for – a variety of topics, but your clients do not need to know every single detail about your other work experience.

Not every client will provide you with a rewarding experience or a great paycheck, but this is all part of being a freelance writer. Along the way, you can try to network with clients who may be able to send more work in your direction. This will help you build your brand and attract even more assignments. It can be hard to weed out clients who do not further your cause, but with a dedicated effort, they can soon be replaced with better ones. The longer you stay with it, the more benefits you will come to realize from being a freelance writer.

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